Venues and organisations that are part of the UK National Arts Wellbeing Collective are listed below.

Member Organisations / Individuals (“Collective”)

There is currently no limit to the number of Members who can join the Collective.


As a Member you would commit to:

· share resources with the Collective;

· link with other local Members of the Collective to share training and   event opportunities.

As a Member you would benefit from:

· shared resources from the Collective;

· use of UK NAWC logo for any purpose related to promoting Wellbeing through the collective, particularly in reference to UK NAWC work, or to acknowledge the member as an ambassador/ ambassador organisation;

· access any shared Collective training and resources available at a discounted rate;

· access to a number of charities and professional organisations who are interested in supporting the Collective so their details would be available, so you can seek advice;

· invitation to a bi-annual event, hosted by a Strategic Partner, to present progress and future plans of the UK NAWC and an opportunity to share ideas and best practices.



If you would like to join UK NAWC either as an organisation or as an individual, please complete the "Join us" box at the bottom of the Home page.  Membership is free.

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