Member Organisations / Individuals (“Collective”)

There is currently no limit to the number of Members who can join the Collective.


As a Member you would commit to:

· share resources with the Collective;

· link with other local Members of the Collective to share training and event opportunities.

As a Member you would benefit from:

· shared resources from the Collective;

· use of UK NAWC logo for any purpose related to promoting Wellbeing through the collective, particularly in reference to UK NAWC work, or to acknowledge the member as an ambassador/ ambassador organisation;

· access any shared Collective training and resources available at a discounted rate;

· access to a number of charities and professional organisations who are interested in supporting the Collective so their details would be available, so you can seek advice;

· invitation to a bi-annual event, hosted by a Strategic Partner, to present progress and future plans of the UK NAWC and an opportunity to share ideas and best practices.

Strategic Partner (“Partners”)

The Collective now has 13 Strategic Partners. The Partners will be reviewed annually.

The Strategic Partners commit to:

· Everything a Member commits to, plus:

· joining the 12 Strategic Partners to review and discuss the strategy of the Collective, the format of any UK NAWC programmes, initiatives and ways to ensure clear communication for all Members;

· offering to host either a Partners meeting or a Collective Meeting (similar to the launch event) but may be not on such a large scale if you are unable to;

· attend four Strategic Partner meetings annually (at various locations, with option to Skype in – if possible);

· any in kind services that may benefit the progress of the Collective (i.e. IT support at events, design and print, catering, product placement / goody bags, volunteers etc.);

· feed into any newsletters and end of year reporting as necessary ensuring if reflects the aims and objectives of the Collective;

· administrative support for meetings / events where necessary.


The purpose of the UK National Artist Wellbeing Collective (“UK NAWC”) is to bring together Arts, Cultural and Heritage organisations to:

· share ideas on reducing the stigma of mental health in the workplace;

· identify trends and common challenges;

· discuss best practices to support mental health issues across the sector;

· promote good health and wellbeing within the sector.




If you would like to join UK NAWC either as an organisation or as an individual, please complete the "Join us" box at the bottom of the Home page.  Membership is free.


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