New wellbeing group to promote

mental health in arts industry


The UK National Arts Wellbeing Collective (UK NAWC), patterned after a successful Australian initiative established by Arts Centre Melbourne, brings together more than 60 arts institutions from around the UK, including music venues, theatres, museums, touring companies and unions.

Craig Hassall, Chief Executive of the Royal Albert Hall, said: “We were proud to host the launch of what promises to be a very positive and significant collective, drawing together colleagues from many arts organisations, all committed to opening up the conversation around mental health and improving wellbeing support across what can be a highly pressurised industry.”


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Membership of the Collective is available to individuals and organisations. To become a member you must pledge to promote health and wellbeing in your work.

Membership is free. Benefits include access to future events held by venues across the United Kingdom. Internet resources and information from individuals and organisations, including arts and cultural venues, societies and charities.

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