UK National Arts Wellbeing Collective

The UK National Arts Wellbeing Collective UK was launched at the Royal Albert Hall on Wednesday 24 April 2019.  The Collective has been established to link like minded organisations and individuals around the United Kingdom to improve health and wellbeing in the Arts, Cultural and Heritage employment sectors.  The idea first stemmed from the work of the Arts Centre Melbourne in Australia.  We are very grateful they allowed us to copy their idea and look forward to an exciting collaboration with them. 

Arts Centre Melbourne

The Arts Wellbeing Collective in Australia is credited with the idea of a national wellbeing group.  It is run by the Arts Centre Melbourne.

UK NAWC was formed around the ideas of AWC and thanks it for its support.

Click on image for web link to the AWC site

Claire Spencer - CEO of the Arts Wellbeing Collective


“We created the Arts Wellbeing Collective in 2016 in response to startling statistics revealed by rigorous research into mental health in the Australian entertainment industry.


As a major institution, we wanted to create a tailored, sector-wide program that both promotes positive mental health, and prevents mental health problems - as an industry, it seems that we are good at picking people up when they fall, but not good at stopping them falling in the first place.


We had the privilege of spending more than a year immersed in uncovering the root causes of mental health problems in the performing arts sector. This has significantly informed our current strategy, a comprehensive integrated approach that aims to make long-term, positive systemic and cultural change, for individuals, organisations, and the sector as a whole.


The response to the program has been incredible. It is heartening to see so many stories of positive change across the Australian performing arts sector, and we are thrilled that organisations around the world are stepping into this space. It is challenging, rewarding, and worthwhile – together, we will make a positive difference to this unique, exciting and very special industry.”


UK NAWC is currently run by members of the Royal Albert Hall's Wellbeing Network and the other Strategic Partners.  As the Collective grows then so will the team.

Volunteers are always welcome.


The purpose of the UK National Artist Wellbeing Collective (UK NAWC) is to bring together Arts, Cultural and Heritage organisations to:

· share ideas on reducing the stigma of mental health in the workplace;

· identify trends and common challenges;

· discuss best practices to support mental health issues across the sector;

· promote good health and wellbeing within the sector.